Mass Fintech Hub

The Brief

Everything is Within Reach

Massachusetts aims to be the No.1 Fintech hub in the world. To help achieve that, the Commonwealth of Mass identified the need to create a brand and central hub to bring all stakeholders and initiatives together and to establish one voice for the promotion of Fintech in the state.

Mass Fintech Hub


Led by the Commonwealth of Mass and driven by a Fintech Working Group of leaders from a range of financial services, and education organizations, the Mass Fintech Hub has been established to harness all that’s good about the Massachusetts Fintech ecosystem and to help grow your Fintech business.

Mass Fintech HubMass Fintech Hub


The Working group engaged Origin to support them through the process of naming and branding the initiative as well as delivering a website experience to help inform and engage stakeholders.

Mass Fintech Hub

The Solution

In the midst of the global pandemic we developed a real bond with the Mass Fintech team, working closely and collaboratively to shape a proposition, brand identity and website which lived up to the vision and the expectations of a wide range of stakeholders.

Mass Fintech HubMass Fintech Hub



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